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Time For A Quickie!

Posted on December 25, 2020 by Otha Conzemius

Technique! We seem to have become obsessed with it! There are likely thousands of books offering detailed explanations of ways to make love to your spouse. But what about spontaneity? Where's that gone? What about the pleasures of the impromptu quickie? You're both horny, there's a raw urgency in the air, and you want it NOW!

Some women are afraid to let their partner know that they'd like a quickie. Supposing he misinterprets it and thinks you just want a quick shag that can be done within next to no time because you can not be bothered with the'real thing'? The reality is, if you are horny and lusting for him, needing a quickie will only show how much you fancy him on a physical basis. You would not feel irked at being urgently desired from the bloke you fancy most, do you?

Sex serves many functions and variant is no bad thing. 1 purpose is the reinforcement of the private bond that exists between the two of you; something no one else can talk about in. Because of this, having a quickie in a'forbidden' situation can actually strengthen the relationship. When everyone is in full swing in the party, a few that go outdoors and desperately make love have a secret that is theirs alone.

The delight of being discovered is also often linked with quickie sex. Using a quick romp in a semi-public place (like behind the garage in the aforementioned party) could be highly stimulating. The feeling of'naughtiness' often results in intense stimulation, culminating in delicious sex that is equally as good as the sex we would ordinarily have in our comfortable beds with tons of foreplay.

The expression'sex-positions' takes on a whole new meaning with quickie sex and couples often find themselves in places that they would never have experimented with. Old pieces of furniture, a wall, a washing machine or anything else that happens to be close by comes into its own when no-frills gender is on the menu.

One or both partners are usually partly dressed, something that in itself can be quite arousing. Being held up against a wall with one breast out of your bra, your knickers around your knees and trying not to kick those litter bins for fear of attracting unwanted attention.... Well, it could just as easily be a dream!

There's no perfect time or place for a quickie. Only your imagination can limit where and when. If you really want it, you will find a place or situation which will be acceptable for a bout of urgent sex. The kitchen table, the garden shed, or even a toilet seat will do. Just keep one thing in mind - no matter how desperate you are, it truly isn't recommended to subject matter by-passers to your romantic frolics. There are loads of exhibitionists around, but we are not all voyeurs.