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Better Orgasm

Posted on August 27, 2021 by Otha Conzemius

The simple fact is every woman is acutely aware of every flaw on her body and as her partner, it's your duty to boost her self-confidence or the ideas I am about to detail will fizzle instead of sizzle.

Oral sex or tongue activity is a excellent way to a better orgasm for women because the clitoris is the nerve center of her anus. Beside sexual intercourse, oral sex is just as sensual and rewarding and frequently contributes to a better orgasm.

Better still, setting the correct atmosphere will do wonders in leaving her weak with anticipation. Seduce her words before she leaves for work--send her off on an orgasmic high. Tell her in graphic details how your tongue begins a long, slow, wet path up her thighs into her anus.

Then drop to your knees, slowly kissing the inside of one thigh--giving her a sample of what is to come. If she does not have a mini-orgasm then and there do not worry since you have left her with a lasting impression to maintain her body humming all-day-long.

What a tasty way to set the tone for a better orgasm. As she spends her day in breathless anticipation here are a couple of secrets ideas to keep on building the sexual tension.

First, place a warm bubble bath full of rose-petals and place scented candles suitably for mood lighting. Then give her hot-smoldering appears as you run your hands over her body--make her feel hot. And, the previous tip to set the stage for a better orgasm would be to nourish her sweet tasting fruits like chocolate covered strawberries. . .then suck the juices from her palms.

All this foreplay will have her body wound tighter than a guitar string. You can now start strumming her body towards a better orgasm. The cues that she's extremely turned on are usually erect nipples begging to be sucked, or rapid breathing indicating the orgasmic tension gripping her body.

Do not deny her any longer she has waited long enough to get a better orgasm. Reach down between her legs and caress her anus, stay clear of her clitoris because the slightest touch will send her over-the-edge. Slide her legs over your shoulders and then settle your body between her thighs. Fulfill your earlier promise by nibbling the insides of her thighs leaving a wet path as you head towards your objective. Hold on her hips as your tongue reaches the prize--her clitoris. Be ready for an instantaneous surging of her body as she is consumed with a sexy, powerful orgasm.

Since the clitoris can be extremely sensitive after a good. . .no, make a better orgasm--stop the stimulation as her orgasm slows. Pull her body against yours' in a spooning position. As she settles into a delicious orgasmic haze, slowly caress her to create a feeling of safety and well-being. There you have it, a fantastic method for giving her an even better orgasm. And, remember. . .anything worth doing right often requires a whole lot of practice. So put your very best effort--or should I say tongue action--right into it.