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Do You Lack The Sexual Desire?

Posted on December 15, 2021 by Otha Conzemius

Sexual health is a very important aspect in life as far as we are concerned and sexual satisfaction, an essential ingredient when it comes to active, physical relationships. We express sexual desires in many ways. And we don't know whether it's our own sexual fantasies or physiological reasons that bring out sexual desires in us.

Inhibited sexual desire

A very low level of sexual interest and desire manifested by a failure to initiate or be responsive to a partner's initiation of sexual activity is termed as Inhibited sexual desire.

Though the majority of the aspects which stall sexual desire are private or relational in nature, there are a number of physical problems too which influence an individual's sexual desire.

Women lack the libido

Lack of sexual desire occurs in approximately 20 percent of the populace and is more common in women than men. Women find themselves guilty of engaging in sexual intercourse some times or the lack of appropriate communication makes them stay away from sexual desire. For the girl, sexual desire, love making and satisfaction are feelings closely linked to the mind. Great relationships, effective communication and spouse's comfort level determines her impulse to involve in sexual actions. For guys, it is the manhood that informs him that he is sexually aroused but for girls the message comes from the mind.

No sexual desire? Learn what causes it.

- Communication problems between the spouses

- Both people fear intimacy. Men especially Believe intimacy in a relationship makes them weak

- Stress can creep into any relationship. If you have never had sex or had poor experiences from it, then fears and anxieties can ruin sexual pursuits

- Fear of STD'S or pregnancy may worry you

- Lack of privacy in families

- A very restrictive upbringing in matters relating to sex

- Traumatic sexual experiences

- Stress

In union, emotional bondage and sexual compatibility are important to make the relationship work. If any one of the partners feels that a lack of sexual interest in their relationship, talking helps. Communication is the key to a successful marriage. Like the psychological balance, sexual activity bonds a relationship closer together. Therefore, a lack of sexual desire in you or your spouse needs immediate attention.