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Sexual Enhancement

Posted on August 9, 2022 by Otha Conzemius

Apart from being in charge of creating life, sexual union can be an experience that provides humans pleasure, a feeling of closeness and gratification. Many, men and women, often face several sexual issues that deprive them of the coveted pleasure which, subsequently, adversely affects different regions of their life. Then they begin looking for "sexual enhancement," applying various products and supplements by means of creams, pills, drugs, gels, herbs and alleged aphrodisiacs. The products enhance one's capability to try sexual activity, and help one derive maximum pleasure and satisfaction from the experience.

Sexual problems are of three types: physiological,psychological and social. These categories or types could be interrelated, with the initial giving rise to the next and the next ultimately leading to the 3rd.

Until recently, it had been believed that a lot of sexual problems were psychological in nature. The most recent research has, however, exploded that myth and proved that a lot of of the issues are physiological and will be solved through proper medication or surgery.

For males, sexual problems tend to be erectile impotence, now called "erection dysfunction," lack of libido, premature ejaculation and ejaculatory impotence, i.e., failure to ejaculate in coitus. Erection dysfunction can be due to chronic illness or the medial side ramifications of some drugs. Other factors like cardiovascular problems, excessive smoking, obesity and raised chlesterol may also cause this dysfunction. For young males, the reason is basically psychological, while for the elderly, the cause is most probably to be physical.

For females, the most typical problems are insufficient orgasm, insufficient interest, vaginismus making penetration difficult, and painful coitus. It is the older women who often have problems with insufficient desire due to reductions in the amount of testosterone along with other hormones. Mental depression or stress may also cause a insufficient libido.

Once you identify your trouble, choose the best sexual enhancement product that best suits you and enjoy an excellent sex life.