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Spicy Up the Woman on Her Back Position

Posted on September 17, 2021 by Otha Conzemius

Are you sick of having your lover fall asleep on top of you after sex? Then it is time to introduce the best sexual positions into your love making and possibly even fire-up the closeness between the sheets. Adding variety in sexual positions with the girl on her back can possibly lead to the most remarkable sex and bring one of the most incredible orgasm, even if you know how.

First, spice up the lady on her back posture by engaging in the pumping, the gyrating and that coital hip movement that includes this sexual position. Lift your buttocks and meet him thrust for thrust. Experiment with various angles in this sexual position. This will allow for variance in depth of penetration, intensifying the gender. To get the most out of the sexual position, raise up your knees, bracing your feet on the bed or floor or wherever you're lying down, gyrate your hips as you bring your fan towards the pinnacles of sensual enjoyment.

Among the best sexual positions to test during love making is to open your legs wide lifting them up. Open your legs as wide as possible in a letter V-shape and you will see that this easy leg movement allows for much deeper penetration. The higher you can lift up your legs, the deeper your fan can penetrate you. For the best results, adopt your lover with your legs or brace your feet on his buttocks and increasing the thickness of his thrust.

The trick to the very best sexual position to the woman on her back would be to prolong your orgasm by relaxing your vaginal muscles. Put your legs down alongside or under your fans'. The shallower thrust with this position enables him to maintain a rock-hard erection and make the adoring last for hours.

Most importantly, would be to practice those sexual positions, it is vital to unlocking the keys to sexual enjoyment. By earning your lovemaking technique supercharged, steamy and earth-shattering the last thing he will do is fall sleep.