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The Tao of Sex and its Colors

Posted on February 5, 2022 by Otha Conzemius

From times immemorial sexual rituals have already been performed through the use of various supporting elements--from candles of different colors to special garments whose colors, textures and styles varied according to the ritual's origin.

Nothing escapes the energy of the colors of the rainbow. Inside our everyday living we seldom select randomly the color we will paint each corner of our home, or disregard the energy emitted by the colors of crystals and stones that shine in earrings or other jewels.

At present the discipline of chromotherapy studies and systemizes the consequences of colors on people. Through the use of a few of its findings you'll be able to reestablish the natural power of our energy centers by the visualization of specific colors or through the use of illumination with colors that strengthen and reinforce our erogenous zones.

Likewise, working internally and externally with colors modifies our disposition and the "waves" we emit.

What May be the Reason for Visualizing Each Color?

  • Yellow: An all natural stimulant of emotions. It can help to harmonize wishes and desires also to make sure they are come true
  • Blue: A cold color and, therefore, plays a part in smooth anxiety and control attacks of obsessive sexual attraction.
  • White: Found in purification rituals, linked to the cleanliness which should precede a sexual relation or perhaps a love union.
  • Blue: An excellent spiritual generator. It magnetizes people's environments thereby attracting states of peace, protection and safety.
  • Grey: The neutral color par excellence, gray pays to to generate environments that foster a cold knowledge of what's happening all around us.
  • Brown: Linked to the persistence and patience of these who help us grow spiritually. It could be used to greatly help define a conflictive sexual relationship.
  • Orange: Has soothing effects acting on the central nervous system and increases our concentration capacity.
  • Black: Color that absorbs light. It really is connected with female energy, with the dark side of the Tao symbol, but its effect could be different based on how it really is used.
  • Red: Symbolizes sexual power. Increases eroticism, provides strength and endurance. It fills blood with oxygen and clears its toxins.
  • Pink: Preserves love in sexual relationships, and fuses love and erotic passion right into a bond.
  • Green: Color connected with nature and living energy. Its hypnotic vibrations bring calm to the complete mind and body.
  • Violet: It's the manifestation of the spirit, which explains why it's the color for the transformation of negative emotions and thoughts.
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